Our Education for Liberation Interns on RYSE Commons

We are the Education for Liberation interns.

As part of the Education for Liberation summer internship program, we develop our youth leadership skills through a series of storytelling, healing, and educational justice workshops. We facilitate “Know Your Rights in School” workshops for our peers and educators.

Our mission is to learn about our rights as students, become peer educators for other youth in our community, and develop learning tools that will support students and school staff in creating a safer and equitable learning environment.

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RYSE Commons will increase student resources and provide learning spaces beyond the classroom.

RYSE Commons will be a space where young educators like us can continue to learn how to build equity within our education system, and disrupt the cradle-to-prison pipeline. It will be a necessary space where we continue to heal, learn, and build community.

RYSE Commons is important to us, because we want to create more resources to help students navigate the education system and achieve their personal and educational goals.


We hope that future interns will continue to be unafraid of making change.

Our voices are big and we should use them to defend ourselves and the communities that help us thrive on a daily basis.

We’re on the right path towards liberation.
Will you RYSE with us?

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Join us for our official Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Next Friday, September 6th, from 2 -4 PM, youth and adult leaders, community members, families, and elected officials will come together to celebrate the vision dreamt and led by Richmond’s youth. This event is free and welcomes the community.

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