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Kimberly Aceves-Iñiguez

Co-founder and Executive Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: kimberly[at]rysecenter.org

For over 20 years, Kimberly Aceve has been passionately committed to social justice organizing and advocacy efforts that bring voice and power to youth, LGBTQ people, people of color, and working class communities in the Bay Area. Before coming on as the Executive Director for RYSE, Kimberly served as the Executive Director for Youth Together, the founding organization of the RYSE Center. Kimberly has formerly served on the boards of Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, Horizons Foundation, Youth Uprising, Astraea Foundation, and she served as the Advisory Board Chair for RYSE’s planning phase. Kimberly has also been a strong advocate for people of color and youth within the funding community and has served as a community funding panel member of the Women’s Foundation, Horizons Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco Department of Children Youth and Their Families, Astraea Foundation, and the California Mental Health Services Administration. She is a former Rockwood Leadership Fellow, LeaderSpring Executive Fellow, and most recently a Stanford University Nonprofit Executive Fellow.

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Kanwarpal Dhaliwal

Co-founder and Associate Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: kanwarpal[at]rysecenter.org

Kanwarpal Dhaliwal is one of the co-founders of RYSE and currently acts as the Associate Director. As Associate Director, she supports and guides the implementation and integration of healing-centered practices, grounded in racial justice and liberation, across all of RYSE's program areas. She also develops, promotes, and advocates for policies, investments, practices, and research that enliven healing, justice, and liberation across the fields and sectors in which RYSE works. Kanwarpal believes that the purpose of her work and life is to contribute to movements, communities, and legacies of liberation that honor the ancestors who fought for her existence and survival, and to forge a world that is just and gentle for future generations. Before joining RYSE, Kanwarpal received a Master's Degree in Public Health, and now serves as adjunct faculty at San Francisco State University.

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Dan Reilly

Director of Innovation
Pronouns: he/him
Email: dan[at]rysecenter.org

Dan Reilly has held many roles since joining RYSE in 2009. As Director of Innovation, he engages youth and community in visioning and designing a new youth-driven, healing-centered space that can better serve the wants and needs of the diversity of youth in Richmond. Dan is passionate about building community and bringing people together to accomplish things that others don't initially believe are possible. He is working to realize the vision of an expanded campus called RYSE Commons so that Richmond youth and invested stakeholders have a space to build, learn, heal, and transform themselves and their communities. Before joining RYSE, Dan received a B.A. in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara. He has nearly 15 years of experience working on a number of music, video, and new media projects related to social justice issues.


Rashieda Mumin-Jordan

Finance Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: rashieda[at]rysecenter.org

Rashieda has held many roles since joining RYSE as of 2018. As Director of Finance, she is responsible for overall financial management and human resources. Rashieda is passionate about creating innovative initiatives for sustainability and growth. Her vision to implement efficiencies and streamline processes through effective leadership is an essential goal. Rashieda finds gratitude in engaging with the youth and community in the city of Richmond where she was raised.  Being a product of Richmond allows her to understand the powerful necessity for a youth center like RYSE as she brings principles of racial and social justice to the workplace daily. Before joining RYSE, Rashieda received in B.S. in Business Administration, and a M.S. in Criminal Justice and Security. Rashieda is currently completing her MBA in Finance in which she plans to use to teach finance and accounting at the college level in her free time. She has over 16 years of experience in for-profit and non-profit finance with a capacity to help build infrastructure through strategic decision making efforts partnered with the RYSE leadership team.


Thupten “Tee” Yarphel

Senior Accountant
Pronouns: he/him
Email: thupten[at]rysecenter.org

Thupten has been the Senior Accountant at RYSE since 2018 focusing on invoicing, payroll processing, tracking and getting financial resources. Prior to joining RYSE, he has worked as an accountant, bookkeeper, auditor, account clerk, and in HR. Thupten is passionate about learning and sharing, and he brings with him skills in detail oriented work and expertise in Microsoft Excel. He holds a CPP, Certified QBO, is a Certified Non-Profit Accountant Professional, and received a BA in accounting. 

Mónica Díaz

Administrative Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: monica[at]rysecenter.org

Mónica has played many roles at the RYSE Center since joining the team in 2011. As Operations and Finance Coordinator, she supports key administrative tasks to sustain the Center. Mónica is passionate about giving back to her community and working alongside youth as an adult ally. Mónica was also a former youth member and RYSE intern.


Lana Tilley

Development Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: lana[at]rysecenter.org

Lana Tilley has been the Grants Manager and Storyteller since 2017, building funding applications by listening to and sharing stories emerging from RYSE. Lana works to develop partnerships that support organizational agility, center racial and social justice, and effect systems-level changes. She is motivated by youth-led movements in our collective histories and is passionate about uplifting the leaders that our world is seeking. Lana works to sustain funding so that young people and our entire community can grow with the support of healing, imaginative, and liberating relationships. Before joining RYSE, she has worked to research health programs affecting young adults in California, developed youth-focused healing spaces for families dealing with homelessness, and facilitated curricula on the intersections of movement-building and health. She also volunteers with the Public Health Justice Collective in the Bay Area. Lana received a Master's Degree in Community Health Education from San Francisco State University.

Michelle Lin

Grassroots Fundraising Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: michelle[at]rysecenter.org

As the RYSE Grassroots Fundraising Manager since 2017, Michelle supports all efforts to secure funding including events coordination, development, and communications. Michelle strives to sustain resources to provide free services empowering communities of color, to cultivate a radical love and justice that endures and thrives. Before joining RYSE, Michelle worked in development for API Legal Outreach, and also as a literary arts educator. She received her BA from UC Riverside and her MFA from the University of Pittsburgh. Michelle is also a community arts organizer, co-chairs the Northern California chapter of Kundiman, the national Asian American writing collective, and is the author of the book A House Made of Water (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017), a lyrical examination of Asian-American identity, sisterhood, and survival from generational trauma.


Mariana Castro

Grants & Development Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Email: mariana[at]rysecenter.org

As the RYSE Grants & Development Coordinator, Mariana assists with grant applications and reports, writing development communication materials, and conducting grant research and administrative work. Mariana is passionate about helping people, especially young people, live sustainably and to their full potential. She strongly believes in positive youth development and that her work in grants and development can support achieving that. Before working at RYSE, Mariana worked as a Public Health Consultant, Education Coordinator, and Development Associate. She brings to RYSE her skills in writing, qualitative research, organization, and time management. Mariana holds a BS in Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy from Wheelock College Boston University and a MA in International Education Development from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Patricia “Patty” Ruiz

Administrative Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Email: patricia[at]rysecenter.org

As the Administrative Coordinator since 2019, Patty greets and checks in members and visitors who are interested in learning more about what RYSE offers. She is passionate about building connections with young people and working to make sure all their needs are met. Patty strives to create a safe and fun space where youth feel comfortable to explore different programs. Before working at RYSE, she worked and volunteered at nonprofits such as LEAP and Familias Unidas. She was also one of the first youth members at RYSE back when it first opened. Patty has studied at Berkeley City College and received a Recognition of Meritorious Service from the City of Richmond.


Media, Arts, & Culture


Tara Malik

Media, Arts, & Culture Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: tara[at]rysecenter.org

Tara Malik joined RYSE as the Media, Arts, & Culture (MAC) Director in 2018. Tara is committed to the development of spaces that center youth leadership, racial justice, and leverage the power of creativity to drive change, healing, and individual and collective liberation. At RYSE, she collaborates with staff, young people, and local and national partners to build programs that integrate the arts with holistic health and wellness supports, along with power building and youth activism. For over twenty years, Tara’s work has taken her to multiple cities both across the US and internationally. Tara has worked in community in Rochester, NY; New Orleans, LA; Chicago, IL; Washington, D.C.; and San Francisco, CA. She is the co-founder of One Bird, a nonprofit arts organization that collaborates with local communities to build media arts programs for children. One Bird projects have developed in partnership with community-based organizations in New Orleans, LA; Dharamsala, India; and Carrefour, Haiti. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master in Arts Management in Arts in Youth and Community Development from Columbia College Chicago. Tara is part of the Creative Youth Development Partnership National Advisory Committee and The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture’s Collective Action Team for Emerging Practices in Youth Media.


Ciera-Jevae "CiCi" Gordon

Media, Arts, & Culture Program Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: cici[at]rysecenter.org

As the Media, Arts, & Culture (MAC) Program Manager, CiCi mentors and supports her team as they collectively elevate all art forms within RYSE. CiCi is passionate about creating spaces where youth are comfortable so they can challenge themselves and their peers in their art while building community. CiCi has worked at the African American Resource and Cultural Center at UC Santa Cruz for 4 years coordinating study jams and the Black graduation. She has taught poetry at the Santa Cruz county jail. CiCi has a BA in Sociology, has received the Dean's Award for her chapbook Incarcerated Words, All Campus Honors Awards, and placed 5th in the nation as part of the Root Slam Team. She has been on four national slam teams and currently serves as one of Richmond's Poets Laureate.


Webster Quoc Nguyen

Visual Arts Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him
Email: webster[at]rysecenter.org

Webster started out at RYSE as an intern and officially came onto staff in 2017. Webster engages with members through interactive and fun art-based workshops and events that integrate creativity and social justice. He is also part of RYSE's graphic design team. Webster is passionate about working with and serving an amazing community that is in a constant state of growing, healing, and mobilizing. Webster has expertise in printmaking, digital design, workshop facilitation, and has extensive knowledge on 90s R & B. Before coming to RYSE, Webster has worked as a screen printer, balloon twister, ice packer, carpet inspector, and window sales person. He was an Eduardo Carrillo Scholar, Irwin Scholar, Irwin Grant recipient, and a double major in Art and Community Studies.

Vanessa "Agana" Espinoza

Community Arts Education Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Email: agana[at]rysecenter.org

A part of the RYSE team since 2015, Agana transforms lives through various media of visual arts with cross collaborations in music, video production, and performing arts. Agana is passionate about providing avenues for youth to tell stories and heal, working at the intersections of restorative youth justice and agitating narratives. Before joining RYSE, Agana was an interactive educational video game designer at LeapFrog, an animation producer at Great Schools, and a digital storytelling teaching artist at Streetside Stories. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Ex'pressions College for Animation and Special Effects. Agana has won awards for outstanding mural contributions from National Association for Crime and Delinquency, and she has shown her artwork in various galleries such as Galeria de la Raza, SOMArts, The Oakland Terminal, 1AMGallery, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, as well as various museums across the country for the Carving Through Borders project with CultureStrike.

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Gemikia Henderson

Video Production Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Email: gemikia[at]rysecenter.org

As Video Production Coordinator since 2011, she supports young people with an interest in video production to take their real life experiences to tell a bigger story. Gemikia is passionate about working alongside young people to create effective opportunities to strive for success. She wants to ensure that her community is uplifted to its fullest potential. Gemikia is a gifted playwright and videographer who has received awards for her original play Fairytale and her music video Street Literature.

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Nyabingha “Nya” Zianni

Creative & Healing Arts Assistant
Pronouns: she/her
Email: nya[at]rysecenter.org

As Creative & Healing Arts Assistant since 2015, she guides the process of healing through the arts. Nyabingha is passionate about sharing love, building with her community, and the youth. She believes that youth are the light and that it’s her place to help them to keep shining. Nyabingha is an accomplished poet, playwright, and actress who has starred in Po’ Boys Kitchen, Bag Ladies’ Butterfly Blues, Fairytale, and Richmond Renaissance.

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Khairee Clark

Studio Technician
Pronouns: he/him
Email: khairee[at]rysecenter.org

Khairee Clark started out as a member at RYSE at the age of 17 years old. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he found himself enjoying the open space and opportunities that RYSE offered. With the help of musical mentors, he began to build a passion for creating music, and learning the behind the scenes aspects of it. As the Studio Technician, he has the opportunity to work and support the development of members in their musical journey, from beat making workshops, to explaining different softwares. Some of the moments Khairee reflects on as powerful in his music career are performing in Time Square in New York City as part of a music/ arts based convening with MYDA representing RYSE. He is most proud of his ability to inspire youth with his passion for learning and teaching the craft of music. 


Education & Justice

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Stephanie Medley

Director of Education & Justice
Pronouns: she/her
Email: stephanie[at]rysecenter.org

Stephanie Medley has been part of the RYSE team since 2012 and now acts as the Director of Education & Justice. As Director of Education & Justice, Stephanie leads program development and advocacy and cultivates cross-sector collaborations to address the needs of youth & young adults impacted by education, economic, and criminal & juvenile justice systems. Stephanie is passionate about supporting the development and coordination of youth-friendly and culturally appropriate policies, practices, and supports. She works to create avenues for young people to navigate their own liberation and transform systems. Before joining RYSE, Stephanie worked on housing and eviction defense with Bay Area Legal Aid, serving as a law clerk at San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and Alameda County Public Defender’s Office and clerking for the Honorable Donald S. Mitchell, Superior Court of California County of San Francisco. Stephanie holds a J.D. from John F. Kennedy University College of Law, received her B.A. in Political Science and American Studies from San Francisco State University, and currently sits on Contra Costa County's Racial Justice Taskforce.

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Andrew Yeung

Economic Justice Program Manager
Pronouns: he/him
Email: andrew[at]rysecenter.org

Andrew Yeung has been the RYSE Economic Justice Program Manager since 2016. As Economic Justice Program Manager, he supports youth to achieve economic justice for themselves and their community, from comprehensive employment supports to youth-led inquiry and advocacy. Andrew is passionate about the critical analysis of schooling systems, with an eye on transforming all learning spaces to realize equity and liberation. He works to reshape the economic landscape to prioritize the needs and voices of youth and all marginalized and resilient peoples. Before joining RYSE, Andrew received an Associate's degree from Pasadena City College and a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley. He is a core organizer with Teachers 4 Social Justice and a Coro Youth Development Fellows Program alumnus.


Jasmine Alexandra Frye

Youth Justice Program Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: jasmine[at]rysecenter.org

Jasmine Frye has been the RYSE Youth Justice Program Manager since 2019, supporting in developing RYSE’s youth justice programs, policy priorities, advocacy strategy, and grassroots campaign. She works with staff and partners to monitor the development of justice policies and practices impacting youth and their families at the local, state and national levels, with a focus on local transformation. Jasmine is passionate about supporting the Education & Justice team with providing young people resources and tools so they can feel supported and empowered, with using a Restorative Practice framework. Jasmine strives to build valuable partnerships with entities that will allow young people opportunities and a better sense on how to navigate the Juvenile Justice System and West Contra County School District. Jasmine has worked at Community Works West as Senior Conferencing Coordinator working directly with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, Alameda District Attorney's Office, and Alameda County Probation, to provide Restorative Justice practices to pre-adjudicated juveniles. She was also a case manager for the initial YJI pilot with Bay Area Community Resources. Jasmine majored in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Services at UC Davis, was a part of Leadership Development Institute (LDI) for Emerging Leaders of Color Fellows of 2016.


Dalia J. Ramos-Mucino

Culture & Engagement Program Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: dalia[at]rysecenter.org

Dalia J. Ramos-Mucino has been the Culture & Engagement Program Manager since 2019. She was formerly the Member Engagement Coordinator since 2017. Dalia focuses on supporting the leadership development of youth Culture Builders at RYSE with a restorative justice framework. and lifting up restorative justice at RYSE and in the community. Dalia is passionate about creative expression in different forms like dancing, poetry, and storytelling. She will always work to ensure that RYSE is a safe, welcoming, and fun environment where youth feel open to express their thoughts and feelings. Before joining the RYSE staff, Dalia attended RYSE as a 14-year-old member and at 16 became an intern on the RYSE Leadership Team. She has been trained in Non-Violent Communication, Restorative Justice, and more.

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Briana Urrutia

Youth Success Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her
Email: briana[at]rysecenter.org

Briana Urrutia has been the RYSE Youth Success Counselor since 2017. As Youth Success Counselor, Briana ensures a successful transition for systems-involved youth returning to the community by providing high quality support. She is passionate about being an advocate for change in the juvenile justice system and promoting social justice. Briana is working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and Criminal Justice, which allows her to develop the communication skills and techniques necessary to be a strong ally to young people. Before joining RYSE, she interned at the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce as well as Spark Point, where she encouraged personal development and community growth. She also volunteered in the IMPACT program, which is a youth diversion program dedicated to changing the lives of in-risk youth.

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Mikaela Wilburn

Career Pathways Specialist
Pronouns: she/her
Email: mikaela[at]rysecenter.org

As the Career Pathways Specialist, Mikaela supports young people in becoming career ready, assisting them in finding employment and exploring career opportunities and fields to reach their goals and dreams. Mikaela is passionate about allowing young people to understand the important of their own stories and experiences as qualifications for employment. She has worked at the nonprofit The First Tee of Greater Seattle, teaching young people life skills and healthy habits through golf, and as a resident advisor at Seattle Pacific University. She has served as a volunteer for many years with the Bay Area Rescue Mission, assisting in their youth programs and camps, and also through the Seattle Union Gospel Mission REMIX youth program, and as a camp coordinator for the National Black Church Family Conference in North Carolina. Mikaela studied fashion and costume design and holds a BA in Apparel and Textile Design. As an artist, she creates works of encouragement, justice, and women of color empowerment.

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Luis "Cubas" Cubas

College Access Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him
Email: luis[at]rysecenter.org

Luis Cubas has been the RYSE College Access Coordinator since 2018, providing young people with tools and opportunities to learn about college, and the different options available when it comes to higher education. Cubas supports young people transitioning from high school to college, addressing issues such as feelings of belonging on campus, financial aid, access, and more. His services that are competent and sensitive to young people's needs. He is passionate about creating safe spaces, establishing institutional change for inclusivity, bettering the educational sustem. and supporting youth in their professional and educational goals. A former RYSE RLT Member, Cubas has worked at the undocumented student services at UCSC, supporting students in their academics, well-being and post-graduation goals.  He has served as a student program coordinator for the UCSC Chicanx Latinx resource center (El Centro). Cubas earned a BA in Psychology, with a Minor in Latin American and Latinx studies from UCSC, and i knowledgeable in photography, social media, and entrepreneurship.


Deysi Chacon

Education Engagement Advocate
Pronouns: she/her
Email: deysi[at]rysecenter.org

Deysi Chacon has been the RYSE Education Engagement Advocate since 2018, providing youth with education and career advising. She conducts and facilitates workshops grounded in critical pedagogy that are designed to support members in developing academic skills and self advocacy in navigating schools. Deysi is passionate about being an adult ally to youth from her community, and works to support and advocate for youth to assure they meet their academic goals. Deysi works to dismantle the School to Prison pipeline, to strengthen education systems that does not miseducate youth. Prior to joining RYSE, she worked as the College Readiness Advisor at Richmond High School and as the Student Services Coordinator for KIPP Heritage Academy. She was a member of 50-50, a youth organizing and mentorship organization based in San Jose, where she facilitated workshops in topics including Know Your Rights, college readiness, and self-care. Deysi is trained in Restorative Justice and Social Emotional Learning Practices. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies with a minor in Human Rights from San Jose State University.

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Tyjohn "TJ" Sykes

Member Engagement Assistant
Pronouns: he/him
Email: tj[at]rysecenter.org

TJ Sykes has been at RYSE  since 2015. Tj leads member engagement activities, case management, and works with young people doing community service at RYSE. Through all of his work, Tj promotes RYSE values. He is passionate about working alongside youth that come from the same communities as him. His ultimate goal is to end gun violence in Richmond. TJ has worked at many nonprofits throughout California. He is an accomplished performer who has been in multiple RYSE productions: The Adventure of Grief, Bag Ladies’ Butterfly Blues, Fairytale, and Richmond Renaissance. His first poetry book Section 8, which featured art from RYSE Visual Arts Assistant Webster Quoc Nguyen, was published in 2019. TJ also received a Men of Merit Award.

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LaVonda Vaughn

Trauma Response Specialist
Pronouns: she/her
Email: lavonda[at]rysecenter.org

LaVonda Vaughn has been the RYSE Trauma Response Specialist since 2016. As Trauma Response Specialist, she supports and empowers youth by providing services for victims of trauma, particularly those in the RYSE Restorative Pathways Program. Growing up in Richmond, LaVonda saw first-hand the effects of not having the support that is needed to overcome the many issues that we face today. She is passionate about helping people heal from trauma and learn to navigate systems that are designed to work against them. LaVonda has 10+ years of experience as a Case Manager working with dual-diagnosed, previously homeless families.


Lehidy Frias

Restorative Practices Specialist
Pronouns: they/them
Email: lehidy[at]rysecenter.org

As the Restorative Practices Specialist at RYSE, Lehidy partners with the Contra Costa County's District Attorney’s office to implement restorative conferencing with youth who have committed arrestable offenses and minor felonies. Lehidy empowers Richmond youth to name their needs and to take steps in being accountable for the harms they have caused. For Lehidy, restorative justice creates a world where young people solve issues without the need for violence nor the criminal legal system. Lehidy has worked as a restorative justice facilitator in Central Falls and Providence, RI. As the former Dean of Culture for Denver charter school, they implemented restorative justice in system-wide procedures, created a peer mediation program, and worked with the school network to implement and facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion professional development with staff regarding race, racism, micro/macro aggression and the school to prison pipeline. Lehidy holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Public Health from Brown University, has an initial mastery completion certification for Restorative Justice through the Youth Restoration Project, and is pursuing a Masters degree in Restorative Justice through Vermont Law School to be finished in 2020.


Eddy Chacon

Youth Justice Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him/el
Email: eddy[at]rysecenter.org

As RYSE’s Youth Justice Coordinator, Eddy does advocacy and policy work involving the juvenile justice system. He is passionate about working to serve his community and people, and empowering youth members to make an impact in the world. Before joining RYSE, Eddy was the garden site manager at Verde Elementary School in North Richmond and an urban agriculture class co-facilitator at Richmond High School through Urban Tilth. In college, he was a Youth Empowerment Program member and volunteered at the YOLO County Detention Center in Woodland, CA. Eddy has done community organizing in Richmond, as well as advocacy and policy work in the Canal District in San Rafael and for the state. Eddy knows how to grow food and has taught beginning silk screen poster printing at Richmond Art Center. He holds a degree in Chicanx studies from UC Davis.

Community Health 


Marissa Snoddy

Clinical Therapist
Pronouns: she/her
Email: marissa[at]rysecenter.org

As the Clinical Therapist since 2017, Marissa provides and coordinates trauma-informed, healing centered and culturally relevant therapeutic and integrative supports and programs for young people in Richmond and West Contra Costa. This includes psycho-social assessments, individual and group therapy, case management, and crisis intervention. Marissa is passionate about making mental health services more accessible to marginalized communities that have been impacted by various traumas and violence. She is interested in utilizing art/theater as a form of resistance, healing, and transformation. Marissa works to create culturally affirming spaces where folks can express themselves, heal and visualize a better future for themselves and their communities. Before joining RYSE, Marissa worked with survivors of domestic violence and their children in the Bay Area and has 10+ years of serving youth and families in various capacities. She received her BA in Theater from Columbia College Chicago and her MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 


Lalis Vasquez

Bilingual Clinical Therapist
Pronouns: she/her
Email: lalis[at]rysecenter.org

Lalis Vasquez provides both individual and group therapy as RYSE’s bilingual clinical therapist. She is passionate about supporting youth in understanding how socio-political factors impact their mental health, and helping them strengthen their voices to advocate for healing within themselves and their communities. Prior to working at RYSE, Lalis has worked for Larkin Street Youth Services, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in the Art of Health & Healing Program, Richmond High School Health Center, Shakespeare for Social Justice Program at San Quentin State Prison and Deuel Vocational Institution (pioneering the first ever Shakespeare theatre class at DVI). She collaborates with The Healing Clinic Collective, supporting with coordinating community based healing clinics across the Bay for under-resourced communities of color. Lalis has an MA in Counseling Psychology (concentration in Drama Therapy) from the California Institute of Integral Studies.


David Scott

Clinical Case Manager
Pronouns: he/him
Email: david[at]rysecenter.org

As RYSE's clinical case manager since 2017, David holds space for young people to explore and author their own experiences, with a focus on trauma and healing. David lends space for young people to explore how they define themselves and the world around them. He witnesses the unleashed brilliance of our youth. David has worked as a community organizer for Center for Third World Organizing and the Southern Center for Human Rights, and as a labor organizer for SEIU 1021. He holds a BA from UC Santa Cruz, is a published poet through AntiRacism, Inc., and always leads with love.


Youth Organizing

Color Full-Jamileh.jpg

Jamileh Ebrahimi

Youth Organizing Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: jamileh[at]rysecenter.org

Jamileh Ebrahimi has been the Youth Organizing Director since 2012. As Youth Organizing Director, she builds a vibrant youth organizing culture both at the Center and in the Richmond community. Jamileh is deeply committed to education, organizing, organizational and community sustainability, and movement building, and through her 18+ years of community organizing, she has discovered the importance of community empowerment, healthy living, and justice. She works to ensure that young people serve as key stakeholders and decision-makers on issues and policies impacting their individual and collective health and well-being. Before joining RYSE, Jamileh started organizing for change in Youth Together (YT) at the age of 13. Following high school, she became the Regional Organizer at YT where she worked for seven years organizing the regional Ethnic Studies conference, campaign planning, and doing local, regional, statewide, and national coalition work for educational justice. She was a member of the BSU at Berkeley Community College, Organize Da B.A.Y., Schools Not Jails Coalition, and the Just Act Core Group, where she had the opportunity to travel to Brazil for the World Social Forum.

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Diana Diaz-Noriega

Youth Organizing Program Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Email: diana[at]rysecenter.org

As part of the RYSE team since 2017, Diana fosters and supports youth leadership development in every shape and form, including holding weekly workshops on team building, political education, leadership trainings, self and collective healing. With Diana, youth learn about their individual identities in relation to issues happening locally and worldwide to gain a better understanding of themselves and their roles in a continued social justice movement. Diana works beside communities of color to create change at the individual, local, and worldwide level. She co-create spaces with youth to foster leadership and organizing skills to understand and challenge systems of oppression. Diana also uses art, dance, and photography to challenge systems of oppression, organize, and cultivate individual and collective healing in communities that have been and continue to be oppressed under white supremacy. Diana received a B.A in Community Studies and a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies from UCSC in June 2017. She was raised in Richmond and returned to give back to her community.


Maria Hoang

Voter Engagement Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her/they/them
Email: maria[at]rysecenter.org

As the Voter Engagement Coordinator since 2019, Maria activates, mobilizes, and builds with youth leaders so they can engage civically. Maria also works to bridge partnerships with community stakeholders. She is passionate about amplifying youth voices and strives to create transformative spaces through solidarity. Before joining RYSE, Maria has worked in campaign organizing, fundraising, clinical work, and operations. She brings to RYSE her trauma-informed, intensive care and culturally aware personality. Maria is an Organizing and Leadership Academy Graduate, Summer Activist Training Graduate, Yuri Kochiyama Leadership Academy Graduate, AA in Psychology, BA in Sociology