March at RYSE: Dear Sisters

Who do we celebrate? WOMXN!
What types of womxn? All of them, including you and you...
— RYSE Youth

As we close our month-long celebration of womxn for International Womxn's Month, we want to acknowledge all the womxn inside and outside of our communities, highlighting their strengths and the greatness they bring into their lives and into the lives of others.

This March, RYSE held programs for young people to come together in celebration, such as workshops by our RYOT (Richmond Youth Organizing Team) on Womxn’s Appreciation Day. These workshops included a discussion about womxn of color leading movements (March for our lives, BLM, disability movement, QT organizing for liberation) as well as an earring making activity featuring femme and womxn of color.

RYSEr Gemikia organized and led an event called “Dear Sisters,” an empowering celebration where young womxn came together for creative activities, food, and live musical performances. This event welcomed both members who were participants of the RYSE Identity Group “Sister Circle” and beyond.

I asked a few youth members on why they attended the event:

Clarisa, 13, shared, “I wanted to attend because womxn are beautiful and powerful.”

Ethan, 17, shared, “I attended because I heard it was about womxn, and supporting them.”

Sania, 15, shared “I feel like womxn are worth more, and we need to take accountability for that.”

Gemikia, who also leads Sister Circle, added, “I wanted to do a Dear Sisters Event like we do every year. We want to acknowledge young womxn in the space, whether they were a part of Sister Circle already or not. The event was about being open coming into this space, which is a powerful thing. They go through a lot of stuff in their personal lives. I want to tell young womxn that they are amazing, beautiful, talented, and can do anything they set their minds to.”

As a new RYSE staff member of only 3 months, I feel truly fortunate to be around all of the amazing young people and RYSE staff who contribute all of who they are to create social change. This International Womxn's Month made me feel more empowered than I have felt in a long time. Everyone does amazing work here. Happy International Womxn's Month, to all my fellow sisters.

Jasmine Alexandra Frye
Youth Justice Program Manager

March at RYSE

RYSE youth kicked off this month with a Lit Diaspora Fashion Show, which showcased original afro-futuristic fashion by Richmond youth as well as a community open mic.

We welcomed City Councilmember Jael Myrick for our first ever RYSE Talks, where he shared about youth civic engagement and his experiences growing up in Richmond, and also CIYJA (California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance) and CCIRA (Contra Costa Immigrant Rights Alliance) who shared about how immigrant policies impact families.

RYSE participated in Grassroots Womxn Rising, the first statewide convening bringing together girls and womxn for social change, self-care, and developing leadership skills, and also attended The California Endowment’s Queer and Trans Youth Leadership Summit.

Our DLCAP (District Local Control Accountability Plan) interns participated in town halls to empower youth to speak out on issues impacting their education, and RYOT intern Lorraine led a youth organizing workshop with her peers.

Check out photos from the above and more in the gallery below!


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