#FamiliesBelongTogether, And Families Must Be Free

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State-sanctioned violence of family separation is both centuries-old and an ongoing daily practice of too many systems. The wounds are deep, the pain is acute, and the generational trauma lives in our DNA.

What we also know to be true is that our resilience is profound, our resistance is beautiful, and our liberation is inevitable. As an organization centered on resistance and healing, RYSE leads every day with love and rage to build beloved community without and beyond borders. We oppose any actions, sanctions, or structures that tear families apart or imprison them. The brutality taking place at the border emboldens our determination to ensure our members, our staff, our families, and our communities are safe and free.

RYSE will continue to serve as a sanctuary and affirming space for our members and their families, and will work to provide ongoing resources and information for our community. Until we’re all free, none of us are free.

Report ICE Activity:
(925) 900 - 5151

Stand Together Contra Costa Hotline

From Stand Together Contra Costa:

"When to Call:

  • If ICE is at your front door
    Do not open the door unless they have a legal search warrant. You do not have to let them in if they only have a DHS warrant. Our dispatchers are trained to guide you through your rights.

  • If you witness ICE on the streets
    Do not try to stop them or interfere. We can send trained rapid responders to verify.

  • If ICE detains a family member
    We may be able to provide legal representation in their case or we can connect you with a legal services provider who can help."


Last updated: 6/22/18