Introducing RYSE's New Look: "There Can Be No Revolution Without Evolution"


Love is transformation, love is vulnerability, love is courage, love is creativity, love is essential for our liberation, and love, according to Cornel West, is truly what justice looks like in public.

Right now, we’re living in a political moment that is trying to push us into a place of scarcity and isolation and move us away from love. It is one that is going to require us to evolve in order to continue centering young people and their tenacious and courageous potential to be truth-tellers, visionaries, and drivers of change.

Although times are troubling, this is a political moment that RYSE has been preparing for since we opened our doors in 2008. Even then, we knew RYSE’s success would be tied to our ability to act, to change, and to grow. If we could summarize our learnings from the last eight years in one phrase, it would be this: There can be no revolution without evolution.

So today we’re responding to the current political moment by calling your attention to one of the many ways we’re evolving to meet the challenges of the time.

We’re thrilled to share our brand new website, logo, and look with you. This is just the beginning of this new phase for RYSE and the first of many exciting changes, each of which will bring us closer to our purpose.  

Thank you for helping us create strong, healthy, united communities. We look forward to evolving with you and with your support.

To the revolution,

Kimberly and Team RYSE