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Juvenile Justice System Resources


Community Health Resources

If you are currently experiencing an immediate crisis, contact the Contra Costa Crisis youth hotline at 800-833-2900. This hotline is available 24 hours a day, every day. If you'd like to come talk to one of our counselors, or just get some more info, please stop by, or call us at 510-374-3401 and ask for Joe or Marissa. 

Additional Crisis Resources



Nutrition, body image, and sports…You aren’t what you eat, but what goes in your body does matter.


Emotional Health

Need help staying calm or having trouble with stress or anger? Come check out our Anger Management class! You can also check out these websites.

General Health

Looking for more? These resources are loaded with information on many more topics.


Sex Ed

Looking for info about sex and how to stay healthy too? Get started with these sites.


Leadership Resources

Teach-In: Resources For Youth Organizing

Know Your Roots: Resources About Community Organizing and History

American Civil Rights Movement

La Raza Movement

Migration and Immigration

Women’s Liberation

LGBT Movement

  • Stonewall Uprising
    Video and resources about a defining moment in the LGBTQ Movement in the United States.


DACA + Immigration Resources

Read our statement regarding the rescinding of DACA and view a list of important resources here.