Education + Justice Overview

RYSE established its Education + Justice Department to directly address inequities within two systems that intersect at various points and all too often have a disproportionately negative impact on youth of color.



In service to RYSE's Theory of Liberation, the Education + Justice Department demands and obtains equity within our education and justice systems that is essential for our youth and our society as a whole. Grounded in love and rage, we examine and critique systems that are built on historic trauma, race, gender, and class structures and work toward transformation. 


  • Hire Up: RYSE’s weekly Job Club helps youth apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. It also prepares participants for employment and assists them with job readiness through activities and field trips.

  • Justice RYSing: This workshop provides basic knowledge of young people’s rights and what they can expect when being searched, detained, or arrested by school police or school resource officers.

  • Study Up: RYSE’s tutoring program provides academic support to our members. Every Monday through Friday, members are welcome to drop in for help on their assignments or tests.

  • Youth Policy Institute: This is a youth-driven policy project to ensure that youth voice is prioritized around education, juvenile and criminal justice, and economic practices and policies that impact their lives. Youth will have an opportunity to get hands-on training and experience in research, writing, advocacy, and other leadership skills. The youth-led policy analysis will dive deeper and support the development of a policy or campaign platform based on the findings. RYSE will be working with community and academic partners on these efforts.

  • RYSing Professionals: A cohort model internship aimed to assist young people ages 15-21 in career growth and development. Youth in the cohort will explore the 16 career pathways and begin to build their own career path.

  • Case Management Support: Available for youth who express interest in getting regular support in meeting their Education and Career goals. We also offer support for young people who have had contact with the juvenile justice system, helping them create plans for successful reentry and reintegration back into the community.

  • College Access: College Access aims to provide youth with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate through the education system and into Higher Education. Key themes will be High School and Transfer Requirements, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Required Tests (SAT and ACT), Personal Statement Support, Applications, and Field Trips.

Education + Justice Core Principles

  1. No policy, investment, or practice about young people of color without young people of color.

  2. Systems, both in policy and praxis, are responsive to the priorities and needs of young people as defined by young people.

  3. Young people have emotional, physical, and political safety to acquire tools, skills, and resources they need to understand and change inequities.

“[If more organizations like RYSE existed], people would get a lot of chances; kids like us would have opportunities to pick what they want to be in life.”
— RYSE Member

Education + Justice Resources

RYSE strives to be a space that meets the needs of Richmond and West Contra Costa County youth. For those who are unable to access the Center or whose needs are beyond the scope of our services, we offer these resources.

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