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Valerie Jameson – RYSE

Valerie Jameson is a local community advocate dedicated to the revitalization and empowerment of her community. As a self identified Xican@ growing up in Richmond and San Pablo, Valerie became politicized at a young age. Through community mobilization and organizing, she gained her motivation to pursue higher education. Valerie is a graduate of UC Berkeley with Bachelor’s degrees in Ethnic Studies and Social Welfare, as well as a minor in Education. As an original RYSE Leadership Team Member in 2009, she is grateful to have an opportunity to return to the RYSE Center to further advance efforts to elevate young people’s needs, decolonize their educational experience, and invest in youth development and leadership that will lead to  dismantling systems of oppression. Valerie is a young mother to her two-year-old son Ollin and enjoys engaging in random conversations and adventures in her spare time.