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LaSaunda Tate – RYSE

LaSaunda Tate is the Financial Education Coordinator for Brighter Beginnings/SparkPoint West Contra Costa where she is working to mitigate the “wealth-health gradient” through one-on-one coaching, community awareness, and policy work. Prior to her work at Brighter Beginnings, LaSaunda served as the Director of the Law and Justice Program for McCullum Youth Court where she worked to create Justice in Action—a youth court restorative justice program for Berkeley middle schools. Although LaSaunda is a Los Angeles County native, her advocacy for social justice began in the Bay Area more than ten years ago as a student at the University of California Berkeley, where she received her B.A. in Political Science. While LaSaunda’s resume spans law firms, political campaigns, high school college counseling, and non-profit directorship, at the core of her professional experiences is a deep appreciation for social equality and the role it plays in providing opportunities for youth and improving the livelihood of low-income communities.