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Jakia Kiel – RYSE

Hi my name is Jakia Kiel and I’m a RYOT intern at the RYSE Center. I go to El Cerrito High School and I’m a sophomore and I will graduate in 2018. I’m passionate about helping people and also giving back to my community and I’m passionate about music because music helps me release anger and makes me happy! The most important thing about being an intern in RYOT is that it helps me become a better leader and also gets me out of my comfort zone and also lets me meet new people and it helps me make new friends and also make family. I’m an outgoing person and I’m also a goofy weird person. I like to be myself around people and make new friends. If I see someone sad I got to help them out and end up being their friend. I love being there for them and making sure they are okay. I love helping people because it makes me happy because I made them happy.