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Donte Clark – RYSE

Donte Clark is a poet, emcee, educator and activist from Richmond, California. As a founding member and artistic director of the RAW Talent Creative Arts Program, Donte wears many hats—coordinating shows and field trips, teaching poetry and theater workshops to low-income youth in his community and coaching his students to find their voices through performance and publication. Donte is a well-known spoken word poet and emcee in the Bay Area—he is asked to perform at schools, conferences, poetry readings and hip hop shows on a regular basis. He was accepted to the VONA program, a prestigious week-long conference for writers of color. Donte’s primary focus is ending the violence that has plagued his community and impacted him deeply—using his art and curriculum as a call to action. In the last few years, Donte hosted a town hall on violence in Richmond and took the lead with planning and writing the majority of the script for “Te’s Harmony.” This year he has written a new play, “Po’Boys Kitchen,” and is directing the cast as they prepare for the show on March 7th and 8th. He continues to spark such critical dialogue and encourages his students to do the same.