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Abbas Khalid – RYSE

Abbas Khalid was born and raised in Oakland, Calif., and is currently working on his BA in Public Health and Sociology at San Francisco State University. He began organizing in Youth Together (YT) at the age of 15 after moving from Los Angeles due to a family tragedy. He was able learn self-healing and fight for educational justice through the continued work with Youth Together. Throughout high school, he was one of the lead student organizers at Youth Empowerment School and was able to implement youth into the hiring process for teachers and the principal.

Following high school graduation, he became the Youth Justice Corp intern through AEJ and focused on national policies with youth across the country to change zero tolerance policies and the school to prison pipeline. He then became the Site Organizer at Castlemont for YT where he worked for three years organizing the school community, helped lead and win a campaign focused on school funding on a state level, support community engagement in the development of the Castlemont school restructure and national coalition work for educational justice. During his employment at YT he was also accepted into a three-year life coaching and facilitating training to become a Rap Director through College Summit, and worked as adult mentor for the Boys and Men of Color camp for three years.

He is a member of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Oakland, organizing multiple actions across the Bay Area and building a community garden at Qilombo. Outside of organizing and social work he enjoys photography, visual arts, and music production.