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Youth Justice – RYSE
RYSE offers programming that strengthens young people’s ability to successfully navigate the Juvenile Justice System and empowers them to be advocates for change. RYSE’s Youth Justice Department provides "Know Your Rights" education and training, implements restorative justice practices, and offers diversion and reentry services that allow young people to be active participants and agents in their own liberation.

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Sample of Programs and Services Offered:

  • Justice RYSing:This workshop is used to provide basic knowledge of what are a young persons rights and what they can expect when being searched, detained, or arrested by school police or school resource officers.
  • Youth Policy Institute: A youth driven policy project to ensure that youth voice is prioritized around juvenile & criminal justice practices and policies that impact their lives. Youth will have an opportunity to get hands on training and experience in research, writing, advocacy, and other leadership skills. The youth led policy analysis will dive deeper and support the development of a policy or campaign platform based on the findings. RYSE will be working with community and academic partners (UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy) on these efforts.
  • Sister Circle: Support and empowerment group focused on the concerns and issues of young men.
  • Young Men's Group: Support and empowerment group focused on the concerns and issues of young women.
  • Assistance completing community service hours

Youth Justice Staff