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Visual Arts – RYSE
The Media, Arts, & Culture Department promotes community healing and social justice by facilitating young people's innovative creation of political, personal, and expressive media and art. We elevate youth voice by providing access to industry-standard media equipment and professional development training in the areas of video production, music, visual arts, and performing arts.

Media, Arts, and Culture Gallery

Sample of Programs and Services Offered:

  • Urban Arts: Explore different aspects of Urban Arts through critical analysis and hands-on arts education. Course includes components of social/cultural education, concept development, sketching/drawing, color analysis, painting, and more.
  • Photography: Members learn the basics of photography and videography, focusing on abstract composition and experimentation.
  • Screen Printing: Learn the basics of screen printing, including design/creating layers, burning screens, selecting paints and other materials, pulling ink, and proper cleanup.
  • Graphic Design: Members will learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as basic concepts of layout and design.