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Be A Kid: Rich City Blues – RYSE
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  • Location: RYSE

You’re invited!

On Friday, April 7th, RYSE will be hosting its annual Be A Kid Fundraiser. This year’s theme, Rich City Blues, honors Richmond’s history as a hub for blues, jazz, and zydeco in the 1940s. We’re celebrating the arts renaissance that Richmond once was and could still be. The “happy hour” style event is an opportunity for community members to experience first hand the exciting and interactive programs our youth enjoy on a daily basis. At the event, guests will revel in delicious food, cocktails, youth art, live performances, and a variety of activities including, but not limited to:  


Learn to paint from a local artist.


Sing your heart out in our recording studio.


A sneak peek at this year’s theatrical production.

Tavae Samuelu

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